Brick Paver Patios


Brick Paver Patios by RG Landscaping & Hardscape

Brick paver patios have stood the test of time for their classic elegance, but in the past, they came with maintenance headaches. Not anymore. Modern brick paver patios from RG Landscaping & Hardscape utilize innovative construction techniques and high-quality materials to ensure durability and low maintenance. With a 10-year guarantee, you can enjoy a beautiful patio without worrying about weeds or frequent staining. As certified Unilock installers, we prioritize precision and quality in every project.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Durable & Long Lasting

Eliminates Pesky Weeds Growing Through

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Patio Kitchen & Dining: Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Combine conversation and food with a custom outdoor kitchen patio by RG Landscaping & Hardscape. Our brick paver patios are designed to withstand the elements while offering modern amenities such as fridges, grills, lighting, stovetops, pergolas, and stone countertops. With a durable design and easy maintenance, you can enjoy outdoor dining and entertainment to the fullest.

Durable Design

Easy To Clean & Maintain

Includes Electrical & Plumbing

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A Peaceful Patio for Your Backyard Space

Create Your Sanctuary with RG Landscaping & Hardscape

Escape the hustle and bustle of daily life with a tranquil brick paver patio by RG Landscaping & Hardscape. Complete with a hot tub and a babbling brook-style water feature, this patio offers a serene retreat in your backyard. Our customizable designs cater to your unique space and preferences, ensuring that your outdoor area becomes a sanctuary you'll love to relax in.

Style through Simplicity

Edge Landscaping Enhances the Cozy Space

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The Party Patio: Entertain in Style

Impress your guests with the ultimate party patio by RG Landscaping & Hardscape. Combining brick and wood for dynamic contrast, our curved patios create a free-flowing organic aesthetic. The pergola provides a shaded grilling and chilling area, while retaining walls add an intimate touch to separate gathering areas. Expand your entertaining space and create unforgettable memories with friends and family.

Open & Casual Design

Wood & Brick Entwined For Dynamic Contrast

Expands Your Entertaining Space

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