Retaining Walls

Protecting Your Property From Itself

Retaining Walls by RG Landscaping & Hardscape

In a world of uneven terrain and natural slopes, retaining walls serve as guardians of your property, protecting it from erosion and instability while adding a touch of elegance to your landscape. Our retaining walls not only safeguard your home but also maximize usable outdoor spaces and enhance the overall design of your yard. By seamlessly integrating retaining walls into your home and patio design, we marry form and function to create stunning outdoor environments. As a Unilock approved contractor, we deploy the best in retaining wall technology to ensure the longevity and durability of your walls.

Maximize Outdoor Spaces

Retain Soil/Slope Stability

Enhance Landscaping Design

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Expanding Your Living Space

Hills To Hangout: Transforming Hilly Sections into Outdoor Retreats

Reclaim your property and create more usable space with our retaining walls, turning steep hills into inviting outdoor hangout spots. By incorporating brick paver patios seamlessly into the natural landscape, we expand your outdoor living area while enhancing its beauty. Our multi-tiered designs utilize the natural grade of your property to reduce maintenance areas and improve overall presentation.

Create Space Where There Wasn't Any

Utilize Natural Grade with Multi-Tier Design

Enhance Presentation with Low Maintenance Landscaping

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Walkways and Water Features

Carving A Path: Blending Retaining Walls with Flowing Paver Stones

Utilize the natural landscape as inspiration for crafting stunning walkways and paths with our retaining walls and flowing paver stones. By seamlessly integrating retaining walls into the earth, we create natural yet captivating transitions from interior to exterior spaces. Enhance your zen garden with low-maintenance softscaping and seating-style retaining walls for a truly serene outdoor retreat.

Utilize Natural Landscape for Inspiration

Create Multi-Functional Retaining Walls

Enhance with Low Maintenance Greenery

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Have the Hill Your Way

Tiered Gardens: Defining Spaces with Elegant Greenery

Define the base of your structure and create elegant green spaces with our tiered retaining walls. Crafted to withstand erosion and improve soil strength, our retaining walls provide visual bases for buildings while reducing maintenance and unusable landscaping spaces. Transform your hillside into a larger-than-life persona with our base retaining walls, enhancing both the beauty and functionality of your landscape.

Create Visual Base for Your Structure

Improve Soil Strength and Reduce Erosion

Enhance Landscape with Low Maintenance Greenery

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