Extend Your Usable Living Space

Wood & Composite Decks by RG Landscaping

For homes that aren't patio-ready or have drainage issues, wooden or composite decks offer a reliable solution for extending your outdoor living space. At RG Landscaping & Hardscape, we specialize in designing and building decks that seamlessly integrate into your property, regardless of grade, height, or features. Whether you're looking to hide an above-ground pool, create a second-story extension, or simply enhance your home's aesthetic, our wooden and composite decks offer beauty, durability, and affordability.

Easier Outdoor Access​

Perfect For Parties

Increase Your Home's Aesthetic

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Level Ground Not Required

Wraparound Deck: Functional and Stylish

From creating a multi-entrance showstopper to providing a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors, composite decks offer unmatched flexibility. Our wraparound deck designs showcase the versatility of composite materials, eliminating maintenance on tricky graded ground while creating useful space and extending your home's view. With a focus on both function and form, our wraparound decks enhance your outdoor living experience while adding value to your property.

Function & Form

Eliminates Maintenance on Tricky Graded Ground

Adds Extended View and Easily Accessible Outdoor Living Space

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Don’t Stop When the Sun Goes Down

Summer Night Getaway: Your Ultimate Outdoor Retreat

For those who want to live outside, our multi-tiered mixture of wooden and composite decks, infused with stone and an extended pavilion, offers the perfect getaway. Complete with built-in grill, mounted lighting, outdoor TV, and hot tub, our summer night getaway decks seamlessly integrate several amenities to enhance your outdoor living experience. With complete lighting for after-hours enjoyment and a step-down paver patio expanding and enhancing the deck itself, our decks are designed for relaxation and entertainment.

Complete Lighting for After Hours

Seamlessly Integrating Several Amenities

Running Lights and Step-Down Paver Patio Enhance the Deck Itself

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And a Lot of Storage Too

Second Story View: Expand Your Horizon

Take advantage of your home's second-story view with a wooden deck by RG Landscaping & Hardscape. Our decks not only improve the view and quality of your living space but also offer tons of extra storage space for outdoor tools and equipment. Say goodbye to the repeated use of stairs and the difficulty of lawn care on graded surfaces – our second-story view decks provide a practical and stylish solution for extending your home's outdoor living space.

Improved View and Living Space Quality

Tons of Extra Storage Space

Reduces Difficulty of Lawn Care on Graded Surface

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